DEEP CAREERS TALK #3 with Alan Seale (English)

  • How do we deal with today’s world?
  • How do we look at careers in it ?
  • What are we struggling with as HR Professionals?

On Friday May 3rd  Alan Seale was our guest at our 3rd Deep Career Talk. Alan shared his view on how to navigate in uncertain and challenging times. We talked about what is happening in the world, with organizations and how we can all contribute to a world and work that works. Navigating life and leadership in uncertain times can be full of both challenges and opportunities. We all feel it at the moment. How you show up makes a difference. This is where conscious living and conscious leading comes in.  Alan guided us through an exercise and immersed us in a different way of looking at your challenges as HR professionals. He let us experience how we can use different lenses as a tool for the necessary transformation to DEEP CAREERS. He helped us discover who we are being asked to be to enable that change for ourselves and our world.

Alan is the founder of The Center for Transformational Presence. Transformational Presence is a way of showing up to life and leadership that calls forth the best from people, situations, organizations, societies in service of a greater good and the well-being of all. Alan is also an author, inspirational speaker, transformation catalyst, and conscious leadership mentor and coach. He is the writer of several books such as Soul Mission Life Vision, The Manifestation Wheel, Create A World That Works and How To Make a Difference In a Rapidly Changing World.

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